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Mitchell C. Laird– Republican - Maricopa County

Governor Jan Brewer appointed Mitchell C. Laird in 2012 to succeed former Commissioner Jeffrey L. Fairman whose term expired. Mitch graduated from Grand Canyon University (GCU) in 1972 and received his Juris Doctor degree in 1976 from the Arizona State University College of Law. In 2004 he received an Honorary Doctor of Laws degree from his alma mater GCU.

In 1976 Mitch was admitted to the State Bar of Arizona and founded his own law firm now known as Laird & Associates, P.C. Mitch has served as President of the GCU Alumni Association and for 13 years taught business law at GCU. Mitch served for many years as general counsel to GCU and has also served as general counsel to the Arizona Republican Party. He currently serves as the Chief Operating Officer of a non-profit organization known as Canyon Institute that promotes education and other charitable endeavors.

Mitch has been a Burger King franchisee since 1994 and owns 28 Burger King restaurants throughout Arizona. Mitch currently serves as Chairman of the Board of the National Franchisee Association and has served as President of the Southwest Franchisee Association. Mitch is a member of the Board of Directors of the Arizona Chamber of Commerce.

In 2007, Mitch was appointed to serve on the Arizona Ad Hoc Committee for Workplace Enforcement to provide the Arizona legislature with input from the business community on the Legal Arizona Workers Act’s impact on Arizona business owners. In May 2008, at the request of the United States Congress, Mitch testified on Capitol Hill regarding Arizona’s new immigration law and federal immigration reform before the House Ways and Means Committee of the United States Congress.

Mitch and Becki, his wife of 40 years, have three sons, and three grandsons. All three of his sons have served our Country in the U.S. Military and two of them each served two tours in Iraq.