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Kathleen S. Detrick – Independent – Pima County

January 2001- January 2006

Attorney General Janet Napolitano appointed Tucson resident Kathleen Detrick to the Citizens Clean Elections Commission in 2001 for a term that will expire in 2006. Ms. Detrick has served as the City Clerk and Campaign Finance Administrator for the City of Tucson, Arizona since 1991. The City Clerk is a Charter officer appointed by the Mayor and Council for a two-year term of office. The Campaign Finance Administrator serves at the will of the Mayor and Council. Ms. Detrick has been employed by the Tucson City Clerk’s office since 1971. In 1981 Ms. Detrick was appointed Chief Deputy City Clerk and served as the City Elections Director from 1981 until the appointment as City Clerk in 1991. The City of Tucson has the only other public campaign-funding program in the State of Arizona and has been used as a model by other jurisdictions interested in implementing a similar program. Ms. Detrick was a member of the team that developed the Tucson public campaign-funding program and has been part of the administration of the program since its approval by electorate in 1985.