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2017 Cumulative ReportJan. 1, 2017 - Dec. 31, 2017Jan. 1, 2018 - Jan. 15, 2018
2018 1st Quarter ReportJan. 1, 2018 - Mar. 31, 2018Apr. 1, 2018 - Apr. 15, 2018
2018 2nd Quarter ReportApr. 1, 2018 - Jun. 30, 2018Jul. 1, 2018 - Jul. 15, 2018
2018 August Pre-Election ReportJul. 1, 2018 - Aug. 11, 2018Aug. 12, 2018 - Aug. 18, 2018
Qualifying Period Recap ReportAug. 12, 2018 - Aug. 21, 2018Aug. 22, 2018 - Aug. 26, 2018
Primary Recap ReportAug. 22, 2018 - Aug. 28, 2018Aug. 29, 2018 - Sep. 2, 2018
2018 3rd Quarter ReportAug. 12, 2018 - Sep. 30, 2018Oct. 1, 2018 - Oct. 15, 2018
2018 October Pre-Election ReportOct. 1, 2018 - Oct. 20, 2018Oct. 21, 2018 - Oct. 27, 2018
General Recap ReportOct. 21, 2018 - Nov. 6, 2018Nov. 7, 2018 - Nov. 11, 2018
2018 4th Quarter ReportOct. 21, 2018 - Dec. 31, 2018Jan. 1, 2019 - Jan. 15, 2019
Reports in teal are required for Clean Elections candidates only. All other reports are required for all candidates pursuant to A.R.S. § 16-927.


The Clean Elections Act provides an optional clean funding program to qualified statewide and legislative candidates. Candidates can choose to run as a traditional candidate or a participating Clean Elections candidate. Candidates who choose to raise private campaign funds, subject to limits, are known as non-participating/traditional candidates.

Candidates who opt into the clean funding program are known as participating candidates. Participating candidates agree to adhere to the Act and Commission rules in return for receiving funding from the Citizens Clean Elections Fund. To view the 2018 Candidate Information Sheet click here.

Qualifying for Clean Funding

In order to receive funding, the participating candidate must collect a specified number of $5 qualifying contributions from registered voters within his or her district.

$5 Qualifying Contributions

    Collected during the qualifying period (August 1, 2017- August 21, 2018) for legislative and statewide candidates. To ensure that a candidate has sufficient number of valid $5 forms, we recommend that a candidate collect at least 20% more forms than the minimum number required.

    Only a qualified elector, who is properly registered to vote in the district of the office a candidate is seeking, may give a $5 Qualifying Contribution. A candidate can receive a $5 Qualifying Contribution from a qualified elector regardless of the contributor's party affiliation.

Applying for Clean Funding

    If you have collected a sufficient number of $5 qualifying contributions (A.R.S. 16-950), the Commission recommends you collect 20% more than required, you must submit to the Secretary of State's Office the following documents:

    •Application for Funding (found in the SOS campaign finance reporting system);

    •List of All $5 Qualifying Contributors (make sure you have entered the $5 qualifying contributions into the SOS campaign finance reporting system);

    •Original $5 Qualifying Contribution Forms (sorted by county if your district has more than one county or you are running for a statewide office);

    •A single check made payable to the Clean Elections Fund for the total amount of the $5 qualifying contributions you are submitting (Please wait to fill in the check until the SOS staff gives you the official number of $5 qualifying contributions submitted);

    •Nomination Paper (A.R.S. 16-311);**

    •Nomination Petitions and Signatures;**

    •Financial Disclosure Statement.**

    **All of these documents must be submitted at the same time in order to apply for funding prior to the start of the filing period (A.R.S. 16-951(B)).

    The only paper you need to file with the Clean Elections Commission is the Arizona Vendor Application Form. Please bring the original document to our office after you have applied for funding.

    The Secretary of State's Office is currently developing the 2018 Clean Elections Application for Funding filing procedures. This information will be updated upon release of these new procedures.

Early Contributions

    Early contributions are collected through August 21, 2018:

    •Individuals may contribute up to a maximum of $160.

    •Contributions from political action committees (PACs), businesses, corporations, political parties, and labor unions are prohibited.

    •Candidates may contribute his or her personal funds up to a maximum amount of $740 for candidates for the legislature and $1,460 for candidates running for a statewide office.

    The personal contribution limit includes contributions received from certain family members. A traditional candidate who later chooses to run as a participating candidate may not have spent contributions exceeding the individual early contribution limit of $160 or exceeding the aggregate early contribution limit for the specified office.


    A participating candidate must adhere to expenditure limits, and may not make expenditures in excess of the cash on hand. This includes both early contributions received and candidate funding (A.R.S. 16-941).

    Please refer to the Commission's rules (click here) for further information on expenditures.

Qualifying for the Ballot

Candidates must qualify to have their name placed on the official ballot. Please review the following to learn how to establish your campaign committee and filing requirements. For detailed information, please review the Citizens Clean Elections Guide.

Creating your Campaign Committee

    Each candidate who intends to receive contributions or make expenditures of $500 or more shall file a Statement of Organization in order to establish the candidate's campaign committee. Only a candidate who has filed a Statement of Organization and has established a candidate’s campaign committee is eligible to participate in the Clean Elections program.

Filing Requirements

    Each statewide or legislative candidate that wishes to have their name printed on the official ballot must file nomination petitions, a nomination paper and a financial disclosure statement with the Secretary of State's Office. These documents and the signature requirements can be found on the Secretary of State's website. It is worth noting that the signature requirements for 2018 have not been finalized yet. These requirements are calculated based on the March 1, 2018 voter registration statistics and will be published on the Secretary of State's website after that time.

2018 Offices to be Elected

  • Governor
  • Secretary of State
  • Attorney General
  • State Treasurer
  • Superintendent of Public Instruction
  • State Mine Inspector
  • Corporation Commissioner (elect 2)
  • State Senator (elect 1)
  • State Representative (elect 2)

  • Click here to see an overview of each Elected Officer's Duties.

Clean Elections Candidate Portal

The Clean Elections Candidate Portal allows candidates and elected officials to create and maintain profiles. These profiles can include a photograph, contact information, a biography, and social media links. Candidates also submit their official candidate statements and Candidate Compass responses through the portal. Voters can view profiles through the Clean Elections website and app (iOS and Android).

Log-in to the Clean Elections Candidate Portal to create a profile, submit your official candidate statement and submit Candidate Compass responses. Click here to log-in to the Candidate Portal.

Important Dates/Filing Deadlines

Click here for important dates and filing deadlines.


Early Contribution Limits
Secretary of State$55,630
Attorney General$55,630
Sup. of Public Instruction$27,811
Corporation Commission$27,811
Mine Inspector$13,909
Minimum Number of $5
Qualifying Contributions
Secretary of State2,500
Attorney General2,500
Sup. of Public Instruction1,500
Corporation Commission1,500
Mine Inspector500
Primary Election Funding
Secretary of State$217,589
Attorney General$217,589
Sup. of Public Instruction$108,779
Corporation Commission$108,779
Mine Inspector$54,405
General Election Funding
Secretary of State$326,384
Attorney General$326,384
Sup. of Public Instruction$163,169
Corporation Commission$163,169
Mine Inspector$81,608


Candidates should review the following resources and forms.


    Candidates who have opted into E-Qual may use the system to collect 100% of their $5 qualifying contributions and petition signatures.

    Click Here to set up your E-Qual forms
    Click Here to view the E-Qual User Manual

Candidate Training

    The Commission hosts workshop for Participating Candidates, which are designed to give prospective candidates an idea of what using the Clean Elections system will entail. The workshop is a 1-hour event that covers how to qualify for Clean Elections funding, collecting the $5 qualifying contributions, campaign finance requirements, candidate debates and the candidate statement pamphlet among other areas.

    All participating candidates are required to attend and all treasurers are encouraged to attend at least one workshop. The Commission is currently developing an online version of the workshop. Our candidate training workshops are held in our office at 1616 W. Adams St, Phoenix, AZ 85007 unless otherwise noted. If you have questions regarding the workshop, please contact Commission staff at 602-364-3477.


2018 One-Party Dominant Legislative Districts

    Pursuant to A.R.S. §16-952(D), a one-party-dominant legislative district is a district in which the number of registered voters registered in their party with the highest number of registered voters exceeds the number of registered voters to each of the other parties by an amount at least as high as ten percent of the total number of voters registered in the district. Legislative candidates in a one-party-dominant district who choose to reallocate their funds will receive additional primary funding on June 26, 2018. The 2018 Dominant Party Calculations will be created in April of 2018, utilizing the March 1st Voter Registration Statistics.

    2014 One-Party Dominant Districts
    2016 One-Party Dominant Districts

Fixed Assets

    Candidates may purchase fixed assets with a value not to exceed $800 (including taxes).


    If a candidate chooses to purchase fixed assets that can be used for non-campaign purposes, with a value of $200 or more, the candidate must: Submit the item(s) to the Commission; or Reimburse the Commission for 80% of the original purchase price of the item. A copy of the original sales receipt for the item purchase must be presented at the time of the submission or repayment.


    All fixed assets must be submitted or repaid no later than 14 days after the primary election, or the general election if the candidate was successful in the primary.

    Primary Election Submission/Repayment Deadline: 09/11/2018

    General Election Submission/Repayment Deadline: 11/20/2018

    Failure to comply may result in an enforcement action. See A.A.C. R2-20-702(D) in the Commission's Act & Rules Manual for more details.